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Public project reports


Markus Schermer, Katharina Hirschbichler, Norbert Gleirscher
National report Austria (D3.2)
Download (.pdf) (1.8 MB)

Michal Lošták, Eva Kucerová, Lukáš Zagata
National report Czech Republic (D3.2)
Download (.pdf) (582.0 KB)

Egon Noe, Anne Mette Langvad
National report Denmark (D3.2)
Download (.pdf) (831.8 KB)

Gérald Assouline
National report France (D3.2)
Download (.pdf) (464.0 KB)

Eszter Kelemen, Imre Kovách, Boldizsár Megyesi
National report Hungary (D3.2)
Download (.pdf) (602.8 KB)

Kees de Roest, Raffaella Cerruti
National report Italy (D3.2)
Download (.pdf) (727.1 KB)

Katja Bahrdt, Jürn Sanders, Otto Schmid
National report Switzerland (D3.2)
Download (.pdf) (708.4 KB)

Gundula Jahn, Corinna Zerger, Sarah Peter, Karlheinz Knickel
European Comparative Report (D3.3)
Download (.pdf) (814.7 KB)


Markus Schermer, Elisabeth Rieder
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in Austria (D4.5)
Download (.pdf) (575.8 KB)

Eva Kucerová, Michal Lošták, Lukáš Zagata
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in Czech Republic (D4.5)
Download (.pdf)  (1.5 MB)

Egon Noe
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in Denmark (D4.5)
Download (.pdf)  (1.2 MB)

Gérald Assouline
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in France (D4.5)
Download (.pdf)  (592.8 KB)

Corinna Zerger, Karlheinz Knickel, Susanne von Münchhausen
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in Germany (D4.5)
Download (.pdf)  (403.9 KB)

Bernadett Csourgó, Eszeter Kelemen, Imre Kovách, Boldizsár Megyesi
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in Hungary (D4.5)
Download (.pdf)  (404.1 KB)

Kees de Roest, Claudio Montanari, Raffaella Cerruti
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in Italy (D4.5)
Download (.pdf)  (1.0 MB)

Anita Kalnina, Sandra Šumane, Talis Tisenkopfs
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in Latvia (D4.5)
Download (.pdf)  (527.9 KB)

Henk Oostindie, Henk Renting, Hielke van der Meulen
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in Netherlands (D4.5)
Download (.pdf)  (707.7 KB)

Jürn Sanders, Heidrun Moschitz
National Synthesis Report on Case Studies in Switzerland (D4.5)
Download (.pdf)  (476.6 KB)


Heidrun Moschitz (ed)
Encouraging Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives in Europe. Proceedings of the Final Conference (6.10)
Download (.pdf) (1.5 MB)

Miscellaneous publications

Henk Renting
Colletive approach to farmers
eStrategies, May 2008
Download (.pdf) (968.2 KB)

Marion Morgner
Die gemeinsame Stärke ausspielen
Schweizer Bauer , 06.09.2008
Download (.pdf) (899.7 KB)

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Conference contributions

COFAMI CONFERENCE, 8th May 2008, Bruessels

Hannes Lorenzen
The role of COFAMIs within the European Model of Agriculture
Download (.pdf) (21.9 KB)

Henk Renting
Collective Farmers' Marketing Initiatives across Europe- Driving forces, Diversity and Challenges
Download (.pdf) (1.0 MB)

Christine Rudmann
Entrepreneurial skills as strong stimuli for COFAMIs ?
Download (.pdf) (118.7 KB)

Gilles Maréchal
Collective short food chains in Brittany
Download (.pdf) (349.4 KB)

Markus Schermer
Limiting and Enabling Factors for the Development and Success of COFAMIs
Download (.pdf) (105.0 KB)

Pieter van Oost
Young farmers and collective marketing initiatives
Download (.pdf) (50.2 KB)

Jean-Michel Courades
Colletives Farmers' Marketing initiatives: support by the EU Rural Development Policy
Download (.pdf) (318.9 KB)

Karlheinz Knickel
Policies & strategies to support COFAMIs
Download (.pdf) (176.3 KB)

Karlheinz Knickel, Sarah Peter, Henk Renting
Supporting collective action in European agriculture - a ten point summary
Download (.pdf) (62.8 KB)

ESRS CONFERENCE (COFAMI Working Group), 20-24th August 2007, Wageningen

Henk Renting, Imre Kovach, Egon Noe and Markus Schermer
Collective Action of Farmers in the Marketing of Food Products, Services and Public Goods - Introduction to the topic
Download (.pdf)  (80.2 KB)

Henk Renting and Henk Oostindie
Changing Societal, Market and Policy Conditions and New Challenges for Collective Action in Farmers’ Marketing
Download (.pdf)  (370.5 KB)

Karlheinz Knickel, Corinna Zerger, Gundula Jahn and Henk Renting
Limiting and Enabling Factors for Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives: Results of a Comparative Analysis of the Situation and Trends in Ten European Countries
Download (.pdf)  (135.1 KB)

Katharina Hirschbichler and Markus Schermer
Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives: A Comparison Between Austria, The Czech Republic And Hungary
Download (.pdf)  (69.3 KB)

Anita Kalnina and Sandra Šumane
Collective Action and Farmers Marketing (In Post-Socialism) at the Crossroads. The Case of Latvia
Download (.pdf)  (52.4 KB)

Kees de Roest and Rafaella Cerruti
The Role of Producers Associations in Italy: The Case of ASPROCARNE
Download (.pdf)  (173.8 KB)

Hristos Vakoufaris, Thanasis Kizos and Ioannis Spilanis
Collective Action in the Greek Agrifood Sector: A Focus on the North Aegean Region Co-operatives
Download (.pdf) (270.1 KB)

Barbara Bodorkós and Eszter Kelemen
Re-establishing a Co-operative in a Disadvantageous Region of Hungary: Collective Action, Social Capital and the Role of Researchers
Download (.pdf) (114.2 KB)

Markus Schermer and Henk Renting
A Methodological Framework for Analysing Dynamics and Capacity Building within Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives
Download (.pdf)  (137.8 KB)

Boldizsár Megyesi
The Role of Social, Cultural and Mental Factors in the Emergence of Collective MarketingInitiatives
Download (.pdf)  (57.5 KB)

Michal Lostak, Eva Kucerova and Lukas Zagata
Collective Marketing: Who Benefits?
Download (.pdf)  (161.6 KB)

Erik Fahlbeck and Gunnar Lindberg
New Forms of Local Collective Governance Linked to the Cultural Agricultural Landscape
Download (.pdf)  (213.4 KB)

Liam Dunne
The Feasibility of Achieving Scale and Scope Effects within Agri-environment Schemes
Download (.pdf)  (174.3 KB)

Gunnar Vittersø, Anne M. Jervell and Ingun G. Klepp
Recreational Consumption as Market for Sustainable Farm-based Food and Tourism Business
Download (.pdf)  (168.2 KB)

Melanie Dupuis
Collective Governance Structures within Alternative Food Markets
Download (.pdf)  (120.5 KB)

Rafaella Cerruti, Kees de Roest and Gianluca Brunori
Exploring Horizontal Embeddedness. Evidence from the Cinta Senese Valorisation Initiative
Download (.pdf)  (796.8 KB)

Monica Commandeur and Francois Casabianca
Towards Collective Actions of Pig Farmers to New Diversified Products in Southern France
Download (.pdf)  (287.1 KB)

Els Hegger, Henk Oostindie and Henk Renting
Region marketing in the Netherlands: A Comparison of 3 Innovative Case Studies
Download (.pdf)  (152.2 KB)

Aija Zobena
In Search of New Marketing Initiatives: Geographical Indication Products in Latvia
Download (.pdf)  (103.3 KB)

René de Bruin
Collective farmers marketing initiatives: the Alimenterra network
Download (.pdf)  (183.0 KB)

Henk Renting, Imre Kovach, Egon Noe and Markus Schermer
Collective Action of Farmers in the Marketing of Food Products, Services and Public Goods - Concluding remarks
Download (.pdf)  (56.5 KB)



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